The No Credit Check Program was built to provide new opportunities for all experienced drivers out there who aspire to BE YOUR OWN BOSS. Being an owner-operator may sound easy. However, like any other business, there is a lot of overhead and responsibility that comes with being an independent. With the American Dream Program at American Truck Showrooms, getting a semi is easiest part. Our rent to buy option gets you on your feet with low start up costs.

Our services and powertrain coverage sets us apart from the industry. Not only do we provide powertrain certified and DOT ready trucks to get you rolling, we give you protection you can count on as you cross the US. Guard your investment with Nationwide unlimited mileage coverage that is 50/50 in our shop*. As with most protection, limitations and restrictions do apply and we are readily available to assist you with any questions you may have.

So you have your vehicle, and your coverage, your new office, what more do you need?
Well, if you are an independent, there is much more to the start up process. Heavy Duty Road Tax, International Fuel Tax, Apportioned plates to run in 48 states, you name it, you will need the money for start up costs. Don’t worry, if you are with us, we provide easy payment options that help alleviate some of the start up costs and give you time to get in the money zone.

Contact us at American Truck Showrooms and let us get you on the road to success today.


Email our staff here.

*Power protection plan described is an optional service agreement available. Any fees, terms and conditions are outlined in contract. To qualify, shop and repairs must be approved before repairs are made.

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