At American Truck Showrooms, we go above and beyond industry standards with protection. Coverage in a program truck is safeguarded nation-wide for the next 5 years with our 50/50 Power Protection Plan. Unlike the rest of the world where your warranty expires after you have traveled several hundred miles, with us you are covered throughout your contract.

Every moment without your truck working, you are hemorrhaging money. Break downs often cause you to lose jobs in addition to the repair bill.

Drive with confidence. At American Truck Showrooms it is easy to be your own boss with the reliance of a power protection plan that doesn’t lose value. Find the protection you need like a helping hand on your side with our “Better than a Warranty” Nationwide in our shops* 50/50 Power Protection Plan*.

*Power protection plan described is an optional service agreement available. Any fees, terms and conditions are outlined in contract. To qualify, shop and repairs must be approved before repairs are made. Proof of regular maintenance performed may be required before a claim can be paid.

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